What needs to be done to preserve the benefits that capitalism and liberal democracy have brought us, and do away with the problems that they have caused?

We can attribute the great quality of life that we enjoy to our economy and our government, but the same systems that brought us so much also leave us wanting and imperil the earth. These systems erode the very foundations upon which they have built our great society, upon which our happiness and, indeed, life on earth depends.

To find a way out of this crisis, to move beyond the deficiencies that our economy and government are marked by, we need your help and your ideas. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions to climate change, unemployment, inequality, the democratic deficit, automation, overconsumption, unhappiness, and political polarization.

These issues are best dealt with in our communities by the people who understand how they work in local contexts, and where solutions can be enacted democratically and legitimately.

What needs to be done in your community to deal with these issues? We want to hear from you.

We’ll be setting up a forum soon, where you’ll be able to share solutions to the issues facing your community and contribute to our work.