Book Review of ‘Axis of Hope’

Iranian.com book review by Ari Siletz

Iran: the next great civilization...again!

Entrepreneurial activities keep Dr. Kamal Azari quite busy, yet as a political scientist his mind is also occupied with Iran related issues. He has recently published a short book titled Axis of Hope in which he lays out his concept of an innovative form of community-centric government derived from his knowledge of Iranian history and cultural mindset. I visited his estate in wine country California to explore some of the ideas in his book. When Azari began by praising Cyrus the Great and his successor, Darius the Great, I was tempted to dismiss his discourse as more of the usual anti-Islam rhetoric based on false nationalistic pride. It turned out that the political scientist is as positive about the early Islamic period in Iran as he is about the early Achaemenid period. Cyrus invented the ideal of inter-cultural tolerance and equality among races, making it a core characteristic of Iranianness to this day. Early Islam contributed to Iranian civilization by making social mobility possible in Iran. These two social factors, tolerance and the opportunity for social mobility have nurtured golden ages in societies whenever they have been practiced. To wit, the United States. (more…)

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